"Coloring Outside the Lines"
26th Anniversary Show

Opening & Artist Reception: Friday, April 7th 5 - 8 pm

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Works may be pre-sold.

Jeremiah J. White "Pelican in Flight"

"Jeremiah's pelican captures the feeling of flight through space on an overcast day,
the feeling of cool air through his wings, silently gliding."

Teresa Vito "S'Up, Road Crew"

"This hard working crew takes just a minute to pose for Teresa, celebrating
another succesful work day, another beautiful day."

Cliff Austin "Sparkle Path"
An exploration of abstract shapes, light and color.

Lani Vlaanderen "High Country Meadow"

Beautiful animals in a beautiful place in time.


E. Melinda Morrison "Cat Perch"

Working with gold leaf, another spectacular Melinda!

Mikael Olson "Introducing Red"

"So very good! Red the color? Red the Girl?
Beautiful lines and assured paint strokes and the scene starts to move."

Fran Gottlieb "The Blues Have It"

Jody Rigsby "Small Talk"

Carol Jenkins "Wash Day"

Lace curtains on the lawn of a historic Maine hotel.

& "Backyard Fences"

Janet Anderson "Garlic Trio"

Still Lifes from our landscape painter!

Dan Oakleaf "Dewey"

Because we just love these!

Who knew Ginger could paint figures like this!



Nancy Haley "Spring Aspen Meadow"

Jean Shom "Sisterhood"

Brenda Hendrix "Como Se Llama?"

Sarah Lewis "Survivors"

Arleta Pech "Bowl Full of Cherries"

A new medium exploration, ink and oil!


Margaretta Caesar "Subtle Splendor"
A new color palette, gorgeous harmonies.

Michael Clark "In Full Bloom"

"In Full Bloom II"

Not a style change, just getting better and better very fast! Brilliant!

Bev Endsley "Whisper"

Bev Endsley "Ceremonial Bowl "

Nancy Haley "Saguaro Magic"

Valerie Amon

Will Spear "Morning Stroll with Mom"

Scott Mattlin "She Said, Look at the Sky"

Scott Mattlin "Ethereal"

E. Melinda Morrison "Nola Jazz"

For "Coloring Outside the Lines" we asked our artists to be their most creative selves, to paint a bit outside their comfort zones, to explore a bit more.

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