Arts at Denver will become Arts at Denver OnLine as of June 1st, 2019!

The gallery will close on Gaylord Street on May 18th.

Our website and telephone numbers will remain the same.


Events & Shows

Please call if you have an art emergency: 720-203-0827


April 2019
Our now Famous Sidewalk & Bin Sale!
April 24th - 27th 10 to 5 pm
& Annual Collectors Sale

28th Anniversary Show, a Celebration



February 2019


"Add Some Color to your Life!"
Annual Valentine's Show
Opening Reception Friday, February 8th 5 to 8 pm

New paintings explore romance and color



2018 Archived Shows


Our annual Holiday Show

Including our annual "Tree of Christmas Trees"!


The artists paint from the same ten photos.

"Another Point of View"


Margaretta Caesar - Erin Hanson - Cynthia Rosen - Michael Clark
"American Fauves - The Wild Ones"

& American Landscapes and Gardens

Select Gallery & Guest Artists including David W. Mayer & Heather Arenas
Opening September 21st - through October 20th

As seen in House Beautiful, SouthWest Art Magazines and on



May "Thank you Week! 16th - 19th
Memorial Day weekend Sidewalk Sale & Artist Demos 5/23-28

Terrific bargains on studies and older unframed paintings Wednesdayy-Monday.
Come watch the artists paint Saturday-Monday.
Festival Sunday and Monday!


Jeremiah J. White - Sheri Farabaugh
"Realism Redefined"

& 27th Anniversary "Collectors Choice" Show
Opening April 20th



Annual Valentines' Show "Valentines from Afar"




Our annual Holiday Show

Including our annual "Tree of Christmas Trees"!


To Summer with Love
A time to dream, of endless possibilities and unbound creativity



Memorial Day weekend Sidewalk Sale & Artist Demos 5/25-29

Terrific bargains on studies and older unframed paintings Thursday-Monday.
Come watch the artists paint Friday-Monday.
Festival Sunday and Monday!

Annual Collectors' Choice Show
On View May 5 - 29


26th Anniversary Show
"Coloring Outside the Lines"
Opening April 7th - through June


Fundraiser to benefit Great Ape research & conservation via

The Center for Great Apes; in conjunction with the Rock of Apes III Event.

"Dreaming in French, Dreaming of Love"
Opening February 10th - Through March 4th

Guest Artists Michelle Torrez, Desmnd O'Hagan, Nancy Haley & Carole Buschmann

Works may be pre-sold before the show and taken home any time after 2/10.


November - December

Our Annual Holiday Shows

with our Tree of Christmas Trees!

To go right to the Christmas trees click on the bunny!

Through December 24th at 2 pm
The gallery will be closed until January 4th.
Happy New Year all!


Opening October 21st
Margaretta Caesar
Jody Rigsby
Mikael Olson

See our ad and editorial in SouthWest Art Magazine!

September 2016
"On the Cusp"
New works by the Gallery Artists

Featuring Cliff Austin, Sheri Farabaugh, Carol Jenkins,

Lani Vlaanderen & Jeremiah White



"Collectors' Choice"

Memorial Day Weekend Sidewalk Sale 5/27, 28 & 29
Artist Demos & bin work on sale



our 25th Anniversary Show

Guest artists Kit Hevron Mahoney, Will Spear, Julie Petro & Nancy Condit


February 2016
"Love in Color"
Guest Artsist Michelle Torrez

2015 Shows


November - December

Our Annual Holiday Show
Tree of Christmas Trees!


October: The Still Life
Impressionist to Realist, Large to Small, Subtle to Bold

Guest Artists Arleta Pech, John Schisler & Peter Rutkowski


Holly Jewelry Show!
First Friday November 6th, noon to 6



From narrow city streets to village cafes and wide open seascapes to rushing rivers.


Memorial Day Weekend Sidewalk Sale
5/23 10 to 5, 5/24 10 to 4
Artist Demos & bin work on sale!

"Collectors' Choice"
May 8th - 30th


"A Taste for Art" our 24th AnniversaryShow

Works inspired by Food, Drink & Celebration


"After Dark" our Valentines' Day Show
Guest Artist Michelle Torrez

JuLee Simmons .....................Michelle Torrez


2014 Shows

"When Wishes Come True, Our Annual Holiday Show"

Featuring small paintings of Christmas Trees by participating artists

"The Spell of Light & Shadow"
Still Lifes and Interiors
Featuring Teresa Vito, Sheri Farabaugh, E. Melinda Morrison,

Sarah L. Lewis & Jeremiah J. White & more

"Beauty All Around, Everywhere You Look"
The Landscape
Featuring Brenda Hendrix, Ginger Whellock, Margaretta Caesar,
& more



MaxFund Fundraiser Animal Show
Artist demos and paintings of animals
Pet photo contest!
Welcome special Guest Artist Dan Oakleaf.

10% of sales donated to MaxFund!


Memorial Day Week-end Festival and Show

"All about Summer!"
Saturday May 24: Sidewalk Sale and Artist Demos
Sunday 10 - 6 & Monday 10 to 4: Tent Sale, Artist Demos

Welcome special Guest Artists Sally White King and Kate Kennedy.


"Capture the Light: Inside-Outside" - 23rd Anniversary Show

See our ad and editorial in the April 2014 SouthWest Art Magazine



"TEMPTATIONS" Annual Valentines' Show



See our ad and editorial in the February 2014 SouthWest Art Magazine

2013 shows


Annual Holiday Show

Still Lifes and Interiors "Beyond the Obvious"

All Gallery

Introducing Jeremiah J. White

Featuring Robert MacPherson, Michael DeVore, Teresa Vito, Carol Jenkins,

Lani Vlaanderen, Brenda Hendrix, Chris Sedgwick, Sarah Lewis & Sheri Farabaugh


All Gallery Landscape Show



"Dog Days of Summer"

Paintings of Animals, a small show

Opening July 20th, on view through August 3rd

Paint out on the Patio with Bev Endsley, E. Melinda Morrison & Lani Vlaanderen

Fund Raiser for Max Fund!

"The Joy of Paint"

Through June

May 26 10 to 8, May 27 10 to 4

Artist Demos, Bin pieces at spectacular prices


22nd Anniversary Show
"Behind the Easel"
Finished paintings, sketches, studies & drawings


"Irresistible" Annual Valentine's Show


2012 Shows:


'Star Light, Star Bright!'



Interiors & Still Lifes

See the show preview in Southwest Art Magazine


New works by the Gallery Artists
in celebration of Love & Romance


September - "BLISS"
Featuring Dianna Fritzler, Dianna Woods, Margaretta Caesar,
Jennifer Brigham, Peggy McGivern, Mary Ellen Andrews & Caroline Douglas



July - "In the Neighborhood"

April - 20th Anniversary Show
"Looking Back, Looking Forward"

See our Anniversary memories photo book
See a preview