Our annual Holiday Show, 2019


And so many more to come!

We asked our artists to paint small Christmas themed paintings.
Here they are, all forty of them!

...and yes, those red dots mean sold!

Sarah Lewis "...And That's the Story of Christmas"

7x9 oil, in small ornate gold frame $ 350


Sheri Farabaugh "All That Glitters"

8x10 oil & gold metal leaf, framed $ 650


Sarah Lewis "Yuk, Fruitcake! "
7x9" oil - $ 350


Jay Breese "A Tree on Christmas Day "

6x8 oil, framed $ 125

Aruna Rao "Holly Jolly Christmas"

6x8 oil, framed $ 450

Aruna Rao "Winter Wonderland "

6x8 oil, framed $ 450

Jean Shom "Dressed for December"
5x7 oil, framed - $ 295

Jean Shom "Blossom Tree"

5x7 oil on cradleboard- $ 265


Ginger Whellock "The Kids' Tree"
6x6 oil, framed - $ 300

Ginger Whellock "Christmas in the Air "
6x6 oil, framed - $ 300


Sarah Lewis "What?!"

7x9 oil, in small ornate gold frame $ 350

Not quite miniatures but beautiful Winter paintings!

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David Mayer

David Mayer

Bev Endsley "Berber Noel"
8 x 10, framed - $ 400

Aruna Rao "Backlit Horse"