Our Annual 2019 Holiday Show
If you are interested in these please email paulacolette13@gmail.com
or text 720.203.0827


Sheri Farabaugh "All That Glitters"

8x10 oil & gold metal leaf, holiday price $450



Michael Clark "Winter Evening"

6x8 oil, framed $ 225

Michael Clark "Almost Home "

6x8 oil, framed $ 225


Jay Breese "A Tree on Christmas Day "

6x8 oil, framed $ 125

Aruna Rao "Holly Jolly Christmas"

6x8 oil, framed $ 450

Holiday price $ 350


Aruna Rao "Winter Wonderland "

6x8 oil, framed $ 450

Jean Shom "Dressed for December"
5x7 oil, framed - $ 295

Jean Shom "Blossom Tree"

5x7 oil on cradleboard- $ 265



John Harrell's "Santa's Helper"
2x2 mini ornament frame $80


John Harrell's "Christmas Kitten"
2x2 mini ornament frame $80

Ginger Whellock "The Kids' Tree"
6x6 oil, framed - $ 300

Ginger Whellock "Christmas in the Air "
6x6 oil, framed - $ 300

Aimee Denewith "Festive Frosty "

6x8 oil, in wide gold frame $ 295

Ginger Whellock "Night of Wonder"

6x8 oil, in small ornate gold frame $ 400

John Harrell "Santa's List"

8x7 acrylic $ 650

New holiday price $ 550
In beautiful black over red frame by Glaser

Kit Mahoney "Winter Shadows"

7x5 oil & cold wax $ 325

Kit Mahoney "Into the Woods "

7x5 oil & cold wax $ 325


Kit Mahoney "Winter Solace "

8x6 oil & cold wax $ 350


Susan Schulte "Santa with Ornament"

4x5 oil $ 100


Lani Vlaanderen "Chipper"

6x8 oil, framed $ 450

Valerie Amon "I can Bearly wait for the Holidays!"

5x7 drawing, in small black frame $ 95

Colette "Christmas Tree Sunrise "

7x11 oil on board, unframed $ 95

Valerie Amon "Dear Santa "

5x7 drawing, in small black frame $ 95

Valerie Amon "Bearing Gifts"

5x7 drawing, in small black frame $ 95

Jody Rigsby

4x6 oil in custom black/silver frame $ 350


Mimi DeOlloqui
5x7 $ 265

Valerie Amon "Caroler"

5x7 drawing, in small black frame $ 95

Valerie Amon "Sheep Noel"

5x7 drawing, in small black frame $ 95

Aimee Deneweth "Captivating Cardinal"

8x10 in black/silver frame $ 275


Jeremiah White

Valerie Amon "Catnip Dreams for Christmas"

5x7 drawing, in small black frame $ 125

Valerie Amon "Do not open til Christmas! "

5x7 drawing, in small black frame $ 125

Teresa Vito "Let it Snow "

8x8 oil, framed $ 850, unframed $ 725


Not quite miniatures but beautiful Holiday, Winter & NEW paintings!


John Harrell "Path to Fall" 48x48 acrylic $6500


Diana Woods "Golden Hour" 16x20 oil $950


Diana Woods "Wild Heart" 24x24 oil $1750

Collector's Resale Caroline Yoza "Cerda"

31.5 x 31.5 canvas, unframed mixed media

Asking $1950
Offers will be considered


Dan Oakleaf Not A Creature Was Stirring" $ 450

Teresa Vito "Grape Creek "

9x12 oil, framed $ 850, unframed $ 725

Teresa Vito "Beckwith Barn "

9x12 oil, framed $ 950, unframed $ 825

Teresa Vito "End of the Line "

8x10 oil, framed $ 750, unframed $ 625

David Mayer "Deep Snow at Timber Creek" 11x14

David Mayer "High Country Winter Pines" 9x12

Bev Endsley "Lucy Love" 8x10


Dan Oakleaf "Illuminate" 12x24 $1400

Dan Oakleaf "Cool Customer" 8x8 $550

Aruna Rao "Backlit Horse" 9x12

Bev Endsley "Goldie" 12x12

Aruna Rao "Manitou Sunrise" 9x12 unframed $650

Aruna Rao "Summertime Blooms" 8x10 unframed $550

Aruna Rao "Cruising in Carbondale " 9x12 unframed $650

Jay Breese 8x10 "December Delights"

oil unframed $225


Jay Breese 8x10 "Winter Perfection"

WC framed $250


Kelly Berger "Pow Day" 36x36

Kelly Berger "Racked" 24x36

These two are Teresa's own stuffed toys!

Teresa Vito "Heart of Christmas" 7x11

Teresa Vito "Merry Nightmare " 6x12

Bev Endsley "Rockhopper" 5x7

Fran Gottlieb "Tender Night" 8x10

Lani Vlaanderen "Curious" 9x12