Beverly Endsley

Oil painter specializing in Animals and Pet Portraits.




"Goldie" 12x12 - framed - $ 1000


Penguin paintings: In November of 2017, it seemed like the best of all ideas to join National Geographic for a trip to the Falkland Islands, So. Georgia and Antarctica.  I had heard enough to be excited but had no idea of the adventures that awaited. 


Our first stop was the Falkland Islands where we saw my soon to be favorite penguin, the Rockhopper.  These adorable and grumpy guys inspired “I Believe You Dropped Something” and “Pensive Rockhopper”


Next on to South Georgia Island, where hundreds of thousands of penguins, elephant seals, fur seals and countless other birds make their home.  “We Have A Weaner” was inspired by the baby elephant seals.  By baby, I mean about 400lbs of cuteness laying by my toes.  “Oakum Boy” is a baby King Penguin like the thousands I saw in the midst of the gorgeous adults.   A comical Chinstrap was my inspiration for “Stepping Out” who crossed my path on the way to Shackleton’s grave, where fur seals gave us a bit of a chase. 


Our last stop was Antarctica.  In this beautiful land of snow and ice sculptures, I was inspired to paint “The Long Way Home”, “Lone Penguin” and “The Mother Lode”.  All of these are Adele Penguins with the one in “The Mother Lode” having found the perfect stone to please his mate for her nest building. 


No doubt there will be more paintings to come and even surer yet is the belief that I will someday return to my favorite place on earth.



These prices include frame, the unframed price is 10% less.


10% of the sale of these paintings will benefit The Friends of South Georgia Island, dedicated to preserving the history and habitat of the Island where these penguins live.
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We Have a Weaner
11 x 14 oil $1000

Pensive Rock Hopper
11 x 14 oil $1000

The Mother Lode
11x 14 oil $1000

The Long Way Home
14 x18 oil $1400

Stepping Out
12 x 12 oil $1000

9x9 oil $ 800

I Believed You Dropped Something
9x9 oil $ 800

Lone Penguin
12x16 oil $1200

10% of the sales of the painitngs above will be donated to The Friends of South Georgia Island, where most of these paintings were done. Visit them:




10 of the world’s 18 species of penguin are threatened with extinction.

To learn more: Bird Life International


Spa Day
10 x 20 oil, framed - $ 1400


Just Kidding
12 x 12 oil, framed - $ 900

10 x 10 oil, framed - $ 800

bunny rabbit in snow oil painting

Winter Whites
9 x 12 oil, framed - $ 650

Blue Door Cafe, Paris

16 x 20 " oil, framed - $ 1575

Dog Daze of Summer
14 x 18" oil, framed - $ 1350

8 x 10 oil, framed - $ 600

Born in Houston, Texas , Beverly Endsley has used the time she has spent living in the east, Austin, Tx., Santa Fe and Colorado to explore differing styles of art.  She has studied with such masters as Quang Ho, David Leffel, Joshua Fallik, Kevin Weckbach, Sherri McGraw and numerous other artists to pursue her love of oils, watercolors and sketching.

A successful Interior Designer with her own company for over 20 years, Beverly now pursues her lifelong passion for creating fine art.  Beverly lives in Evergreen, Colorado with her husband, 10 house rabbits and 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs. 

Southwest Art Magazine visited Beverly Endsley in her studio in the February 2012 issue.



Pet Portraits and Wildlife Painting - Commissions welcome

"I have always been fascinated by portraying animals and how we relate to them, both on a visual and emotional level."

Bev specializes in old world style portraits of pets and animal companions.  She and her husband Kerry care for, and are owned by, an ever-changing number of companion and special needs bunnies.  Often, these rabbits make their way into a special portrait. Their two large Bernese Mountain Dogs, Meadow and Summit, help care for the bunnies and  are also portrayed on a regular basis.  Bev works closely with the Colorado House Rabbit Society and the Evergreen Animal Protective League.

If you would like to commission a portrait of your own best friend, please inquire...