Jean Shom

With the Gallery since 2015

... Jean Shom needs no introduction to our Colorado collectors. For many years she has been highly sought after for her bold expressive oils inspired by the brilliant hues of the Southwest.


"Each of my paintings is an adventure into a new place for me, a journey initiated by an emotional response to the images and hues before me; a passage begun with no navigational map, but instead an intuitive compass which says, “Put this shape here; use this color now.”  At some point in the process, a sense of completion emerges, “Yes, you are there!  Put down your brush; go back to that other world."



12 x 16 oil, unframed $ 990

501 French Verbs

12 x 12 oil, unframed $ 780

Beneficia de Taos

12 x 16 oil, unframed $ 990

Early Moonrise

12 x 12 oil, unframed $ 780

A simple black frame is available. Please ask to see.


Cuchilla Chopsticks

12 x 12 " oil, unframed $ 810, framed $ 865

Ever and Anon

12 x 12 " oil, unframed $ 797, framed $ 865

As the Curtain Falls

9 x 12 " oil, $ 695

Peaceful Flowing

8 x 10" oil, $ 575

Ah Provence

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