Cliff Austin

...with Arts at Denver since 2015


"I"ve spent a lifetime fishing and camping in Colorado. The desire to remember those rich, vibrant experiences led me to photography. It was only a matter of time before pictures were not enough. Pictures hold moments of time that only represent long-enduring memories.

Painting allows me the luxury of savoring the joy of catching a Rainbow Trout, or of sunsets that took my breath away, and vistas that show how truly insignificant we are. Intimate settings with Aspens and Evergreens and the smell of Spring can transport me to that time when I was ten years old and wondering how to catch "that" fish. It's the "what's around the corner?" feeling that exists at the tip of my paintbrush that keeps me painting. It's a life-long exploration which continues to unfurl from the natural world, through my palette, and onto the canvas, and for that I'm grateful.

Painting people is just as fascinating. The challenge to capture the essence of a person is a nearly impossible task, yet so very worth the effort. Painting is story-telling, and people - the figure, the portrait - are the very breath of story.

Using oil and pastel. I work from life en plein air and from photographs. Each story unfolds into a flow of shapes and colors in step with an extraordinary rhythm which is the heartbeat of my life. It is this story that I hope to make visible to the viewer in order to inspire compassion for such beauty." Cliff Austin

Dusk Aspens

12x24 $855


16x20 $945

Avalanche Area

18x22 -$1260

Cherry Creek Spring



8x8 oil, framed $ 320

Deep Forest

8x8 -$315

Boot Scoot Trail


The Big View




Lovers' Lane

12x16 oil, framed $ 845

Lavender and Lace


Summer Trail


Footprints in the Snow

9x12 -$486

Scrub Oak



Creative Hike


Canyon Blues

12x24 oil, framed $ 1300


Heavy Snow

8x8 oil, framed $ 320



Siesta Time

8x8 oil-$288

Gold and Blue

8x8 -$288

Turn of Season

5x7 oil-$ 200

Summer Caddis


Summer Cabin


Whats Around the Corner

11x14 - 508

Giberson Preserve

18x24-$ 1260

Icy Fingers

20x24 -$ 1415

Fishing the Fraser

8x8 oil, framed $ 175

in our Another Point of View Show

Splendid Stream

12 x 16 -$ 760



Trout Stream

16x20 oil, framed $ 1050

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

8x8 oil, framed $ 320

Here Comes Winter




Canyon Shade

24x36 oil, framed $ 1225