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Margaretta Caesar began painting and drawing at a very early age. "My mother was an artist. She always encouraged me to pursue my passion in art. Whenever there was a cloudy day or an “I’m bored” moment the art supplies would come out and I’d be off on some artistic adventure.

With that kind of freedom and encouragement, I gained a confidence that allows me today to break the rules. I use color freely and passionately. I love to play with light and shadow using all the “wrong” colors."


Margaretta was featured in the article "Eyes on the Skies" in the August 2013 Southwest Art Magazine.


Margaretta's brilliantly colored landscape paintings are reminiscent of the earlier Fauve paintings as well as the extraordinary group of New Mexico painters from the 1940s through today. They are not only beautiully painted, they are also full of joy and the excitement of these Western landscapes.

Last chance to purchase Margaretta's work from the Gallery. As of May 15th we will no longer be able to represent her work as she is off to other venues.


The top six paintings will be in our 28th Anniversary Show.
I cannot quite decide which one I like best, but these are truly beautiful. Those color harmonies and beautiful compoistions of trees and plains and mountains are just gorgeous!


large southwestern landscape oil painting

I've Been Here Before
30x40" oil, framed $ 3300

Betwixt and Between
24x36" oil, framed $ 2600

southwestern large oil landscape painting

And Then There was That
30x40" oil, framed $ 3300

24x30" oil, framed $ 2200

The Greatest Show
30x30" oil, framed $ 2900

A Good Choice
16x20" oil, framed $ 1350

Step It Up
16x20" oil, framed $ 1350

Road Less Traveled
12x12" oil, framed $ 700

Ready for Anythng
16x20" oil, framed $ 1350

Later That Day
18x24" oil, framed $ 1500

I'll Have a Sip of That
24x30" oil, framed $ 2200

a colorful fauve landscape

Get Rolling
18x24" oil, framed $ 1500

This is truly a splendid painting, gorgeous color, confdent brushwork, wonderful perspective.
A worthy homage to the fabulous Fauve painters of years gone by.

Desert Colors
16x20" oil, framed $ 1350

Here Today Gone Tomorrow
24x30" oil, framed
$ 2200

Farming the Foothills
24x36" oil, framed $ 2600

Beyond the Arroyo
30x40" oil, framed
$ 3300

Day In and Day Out
30x40" oil, framed $ 3300

Chama Chamisa

First Fall
12x12" oil, framed $ 700

Over and Out
30x40" oil, framed $ 3300

30x40" oil, framed $ 3300

Chama Cattails
16x20" oil, framed $ 1350

Respect the Beauty
30x30" oil, framed $ 2900

Reap What You Sow
36x36" oil, framed $ 3500

Down on the Farm
24x36" oil, framed $ 2200

My Valley
20x24" oil, framed $ 1650

Zig When They Zag
24x36" oil, framed $ 2600

The Test of Time
36x48" oil, framed $ 4200

California Dreaming
16x20" oil, framed $ 1450

Looking Up
24x30" oil, framed $ 2200

Up and Up
24x36" oil, framed

Santa Fe Hills
9 x 12 " oil, framed $ 685

Feel The Breeze
11 x 14" oil, framed

Between A Rock and A Hard Place
20x20" oil, framed $ 1475

Snuggled In
18 x 18 " oil, framed

Point of View
18 x 36" oil, framed $ 2000


Run the Table
30 x 30 " oil, framed

Holding On
10 x 10 " oil, framed


Down in Ojo
16 x 20 " oil, framed

Today's the Day
36 x 36" oil, framed

new mexico cliffs abiquiu oil painting

Shear Magic
20 x 30" oil, framed

Ranges of Reds
16 x 20 " oil, framed

colorful new mexico oil painting colorado

Walk That Way
30 x 40 " oil, framed

Tucked In
24 x 30" oil, framed


Through and Through

9 x 12 " oil, framed


Run With Me
18 x 36" oil, framed

Abiquiu Series I
24 x 30 " oil, framed

Use It or Lose It
20 x 20 " oil, framed


Bluebells on Boreas
10 x 10 " oil, framed

Shadow Magic
18 x 36 " oil, framed

Natural Wonders
30 x 40" oil, framed

Coming and Going
16 x 20 " oil, framed

Bon Jour
12 x 9 " oil, framed

So Much to Do
36 x 36 " oil, framed

36 x 36 " oil, framed

Rolled and Ready
24 x 36 " oil, framed

Call it a Day
24 x 30" oil, framed


Down the Pass
30 x 40 " oil, framed


Marmalade Skies 48 x 48 "
sold to Kaiser Permanente - see the painting in their Lone Tree facility

Happy Cows
24 x 24"

There is no way to convey how happy these cows really are. You have to see the painting! ...paula

Just for Trish
11 x 14 " oil, unframed

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