JuLee Simmons "Girl With Apple"


Aleksey and Olga Ivanov "Wood and Steel"


Susan Behrendt "Le Reve"

Margaretta Caesar " Afternoon Delight"

Robert MacPherson "Teapot with Ribbons"

Brenda Hendrix "Court N'Spark"

David Mayer
"Colorado Dreaming on Such a Winter Day"



Ken Valastro "Paddle Boat for Two"

Bev Endsley "Nellie Belle"

Mary Ellen Andrews "Schoolgirls"

Michael DeVore "Final Glimmer"

Sheri Farabaugh "Waiting"

Brenda Hendrix "Sweet Cherries"

Ginger Whellock "Misty Daybreak"

Cecilia Thorell "Stil Llife with Washboard"


Lani Vlaanderen "Gathering the Mares"

Fran Gottlieb "Horses Three Abstract"

Mikael Olson "All These People Are Dead"

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