22nd Anniversary Show: "Behind the Easel"

Finished paintings, sketches, studies & drawings
Opening Reception April 19th


Fran Gottlieb 12 x 12" Oil with pen & ink sketch - in process

Beverly Endsley


Mimi DeOlloqui oil on board with pencil sketch
"Lemons and Pumpkin Seeds"

Ginger Whellock's Working Studio

Mary Ellen Andrews in her outdoor studio!

The painting on the easel will be here for the show.

Lani Vlaanderen "Tree Topper"




Lani Vlaanderen "Spring Masquerade"

Mary Dunn


Mike Natale

Mike Natale


Russ Tanner

Finished Works

Robert MacPherson

Mikael Olson

Teresa Vito

|Margaretta Caesar




Carol Jenkins



Brenda Hendrix "Touch of Spring"


“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
Vincent van Gogh