Collector's Resale

Arts at Denver generally accepts works for resale only by artists currently represented, or by known Colorado Artists. The gallery may not accept paintings for resale at its discretion. Older works may not represent an artist's current level of skill and so be difficult to sell, or an older style or subject might no longer be in favor, or you might have a real gem!


Do feel free to send photos via email with information about the art you would like to resell.

We are especially interested in works by known Colorado painters such as Lynn Rowan Myers, Kim English, Ken Valastro,

Quang-Ho and more.


The resale of art can be very difficult and we know of no Colorado galleries specializing in this field. You have a few good alternatives. Donating art to a charity auction or museum, or try to locate a gallery that is currently selling that artist's work. You might also consider high end consignment furniture shops. Good luck!



Those red dots do mean sold!


Ken Valastro oil "Uptown Storm"

36 x 48" on canvas, unframed.

Estimated value $ 3000-3200 - Asking $ 2500
Offers will be considered

Fran Larsen watercolor
30 x 40 with frame by the artist. Framed size 38 x 48"
The artist uses a unique sealer which allows her to frame these without glass.

Estimated value $ 8500-9500 - Asking $ 6500
Offers may be considered

Charlotte Strauss "Pink"
8 x 10, black frame


Charlotte Strauss "Party's Over "
8 x 10, black frame



Cecilia Thorell "Apples" (2014)
14 x 16 oil on linen in black frame

Doug Dawson pastel "Evening Talk" (1992)
8 x 8.5" image, 16 x 16" framed in gold

Margaretta Caesar "The Hills are Alive "
20 x 24" oil in custom gilded frame $ 1650


Mary Jabens "Melting Snow and Red Dirt "

Peggy McGivern "Buffalo in the Pines"
12 x 12" oil $ 655

Quang Ho "Bath in Orange & Ochre"
5 x 11 5/8" on board, signed front and back, unframed

Current value $ 1350

Kim English untitled

7 x 10" image, gilded frame

Robert Spooner
"Eastern Plains Mill" 2003
oil, 6x9" image- $ 395



Lyle Clift

"Apache City School House" 2003
8.5 x 25.5" image, gold frame - $ 350

Lynn Rowan Myers "The Mountain" (2000)
24 x 30 ", 30 x 36 " in original linen liner with maple frame

Signed front and back



Daniel Sprick self-portrait
graphite under glass, 9.5 x 10.25 ", 19.5 x 20.25 " in sik mat, gold & black frame

Original owner
Asking $ 3500. Offers considered.

Please ask to see, not in the gallery

Daniel Sprick "Susan" oil on board
20 x 24 ", 25.5 x 29.5" in gilded frame with painted panel

Original owner
Asking $ 10,000. Offers considered.

Teresa Vito "In the Iris Garden" (1999)
14 x 24", 20.5 x 29.5" in gilded frame
$ 2200. Offers will be considered

Not in the gallery, please ask to see.


Joellyn Duesberry
"Ranchyard in California" monotype, signed


Joellyn Duesberry
"The Loch" at Rocky Mountain National Park
monotype, signed

Lynn Rowan Myers
"Spring" oil on canvas, 20x24 $ 2600

Desmond O'Hagan
untitled pastel depictng downtown Denver, 1987
12 x 16" image, 20 x 24" framed, $ 2000

Clifford Bailey
14 x 18 " canvas size, oil on canvas in beautiful black frame

$ 1400


Lynn Rowan Myers untitled
30 x 40" oil on canvas in matchstick frame

likely painted in 1991-1992



Lynn Rowan Myers "Vineyards" (Sonoma)

24 x 30" oil on canvas, framed in black $ 2600

Joellyn Duesberry
"The Uncompaghre River"

William Matthews
"YP Pasture" 20.5 x 22" image - framed


Lani Vlaanderen "Storm Mountain Sunrise" 9x12 $ 795

Mike Natale "Pink Cascade" 12x18 $ 2500 retail
on sale at $ 975

Tim Deibler "Outside Santa Fe "
Oil on canvas
16 x 20 " - $ 1350 unframed

Don Sahli "Hay Fields, Owl Creek Ranch Road "(2011)
Oil on board
20 x 24 " - $ 2200