Kit Hevron MAHONEY

...Invited Artist - 2019

Kit is an award-winning artist with over 30 years of experience who has developed her own unique contemporary, representational and abstract painting styles using a palette knife and brushes. She is a self-taught artist whose painting technique and style evolved by studying a variety of artists spanning the globe; from the Impressionists to the Abstract Expressionists, all who inspire new ideas and ways of approaching painting. Her paintings are colorful canvases filled with elements of light, shape and texture depicting her most cherished subjects including florals and landscapes.

Enchanted Sunflowers

30 x 40 oil $4500

Heavenly Hollyhocks

24 x 30 oil $3100



18x24 oil $ 2100

Heavenly Hollyhocks

20x24 oil $ 2100

Laundry Day

16x20 oil $ 1900



Spring Fields

30x40 $4500


Spring Meadow

16x20 $1800

The Baby Bunny

16x20 $1900

A Fleeting Moment

16x20 $1900



18x24 $2100

Patterns of Nature

24x36 $3500


Summer Aspen

30x40 $3500