...Guest Artist 2017

From his studio in Denver, Colorado, Monte works in the painting tradition of Caravaggio where he creates harmony between chiaroscuro and modern concepts. Through these concepts he reinforces the intelligence that underlies all succesful human endeavors. With a bold and empassioned style, Monte creates a feeling of harmony and devotes himself to the beauty in life.

His greatest inspiration derives from a recent trip to Rome and Florence, Italy.
Monte will exhibit in the Western Regional of the Oil Painters of America Show in Saint George, UT. He has shown work in exhibitions in Arizona, Michigan, Oklahoma, Bulgaria and Connecticut.

Ode to Firenze

12 x 16" oil, framed

$ 1600


In Italy I realized beauty was something deeper and more profound than I had previously thought.  It takes time, a lifetime.  I was so moved by Italy and its people that I dedicated this to Florence, and devoted every inch of this work to beauty.

Great and Small

11 x 14" oil, framed

$ 1275


Though a large object may catch our attention, with intelligence we can focus the mind on the pattern: an arc from lower left to right.  The more subtle movement of color from muted red into orange and finally a glowing yellow is the underlying rhythm. The mind is fulfilled by the journey and the movement.


A Gathering

12 x 16" oil, framed

$ 1600



Unifying elements into something new is a key to the beauty of Art. A single pear acts as a triangle, a pair of pears create a dramatic negative shape and a square positive shape. These new shapes invigorate the mind and create movement and drama.

From Warm to Cool

11 x 14 " oil, framed

$ 1275


To take your audience on a journey, moving the observer's mind is key.  Using value in the background, dark to light, and value and temperature in the foreground, cool to warm, moves you through the melody of the painting.  A little eucalyptus helps too.


Still Life with Peaches

9 x 12" oil, framed

$ 900


The thinking is always to move your mind from left to right in Western civilization.  On the far left is a prelude to the end, where all lines and movement culminate in the glow of the last peach.  The secondary idea of repeated form, emphasizes the movement.