Ken Valastro

...New with the gallery in 2012

Born on a small farm in northern Maine, Dorian (Chris Sedgwick) was raised in the scenic countryside where he studied nature, the change of the seasons and the art of traditional painting. A self-taught artist, Dorian is inspired by the beautiful European still life work of the renaissance era and the quiet hours he spends in his small studio located in Colorado’s front range. Involving dusty trinkets, discarded objects, and the delicate rendering of fresh fruits and vegetables, Dorian’s work focuses on nostalgia and familiarity. He graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Fine Arts in 2003. His work is in numerous collections worldwide and is housed in the permanent collections of Richard Kessler, Florida State University and Weestern Carolina University.


"There is something unassuming and simplistic in a quiet arrangement."

9 x 12 " oil on birch panel, framed

$ 1000

The Seer
10 x 11 " oil & gold leaf on birch panel
$ 1200

Patience leads to Fortune
14 x 16" oil and gold leaf on birch panel
$ 1600

The Traveler - Aquarius
7 x 19 " oil and gold leaf on birch panel
$ 1400


The artist's inspiration spans from the spiritual to the scientific and his work often evokes intense emotional responses.
"The layers of symbolism, mysticism and narrative in my work constitute a timeless world of ancient rituals and divinatory rites. In synthesizing techniques of the old masters, ancient mystical teachings and contemporary science, my work focuses on the uniqueness and universality of inner landscapes and transcendent experience."


The Pitcher
14 x 16" oil on birch panel
$ 1650


Red Toile and China
16 x 20 " oil on birch panel
$ 2350

The Key

9.5 x 11" oil on birch panel
$ 950

The Apples
10 x 11" oil on birch panel
$ 950

9 x 12" oil on birch panel, framed
$ 1075

The Vase
16 x 24 " oil on birch panel
$ 2800

The Onion
7 x 8 " oil on birch panel
$ 700

The Avocado
8 x 12" oil on birch panel
$ 950