Collector's Resale

Arts at Denver generally accepts works for resale only by artists currently represented, or by known Colorado Artists. The gallery may not accept paintings for resale at its discretion. Older works may not represent an artist's current level of skill and so be difficult to sell, or an older style or subject might no longer be in favor, or you might have a real gem!


Do feel free to send photos via email with information about the art you would like to resell.

We are especially interested in works by known Colorado painters such as Lynn Rowan Myers, Kim English, Ken Valastro,

Quang-Ho and more.


The resale of art can be very difficult and we know of no Colorado galleries specializing in this field. You have a few good alternatives. Donating art to a charity auction or museum, or try to locate a gallery that is currently selling that artist's work. You might also consider high end consignment furniture shops. Good luck!


2020 - 2021 Resales
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John Harrell
"16th Street Mall" 30x40 acrylic SOLD

John Harrell
"Awaiting Adventure" 11x14 pastel in Glaser frame SOLD



"Porcelain Jar"
5.75 x 10" image, 14.25 x 18.5" framed SOLD