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Ginger Whellock, PAA, PAC

Landscape painter Ginger Whellock paints the western landscape with great sympathy. As a young adventurous woman, Ginger moved from her home on Chicago’s North Shore to a remote cattle ranch in Montana. This move presented as challenging a life style adjustment as anyone can imagine. Out on the ranch, surrounded by mountains, a huge sky and miles from civilization, she grew captivated by the western life style and landscape. Without trying to chronicle our vanishing wild and scenic areas, she simply reveals, with great sensitivity, what the landscape brings to our heritage.

Though known for her western landscapes, this award winning artist also excels in painting an extensive variety of worldwide locations. In her body of work are paintings of Europe, Canada, the US east coast from Maryland to Florida, California and the mid-west as well as all of the western states.

Our collective response to Ginger’s paintings is a sense of peace, tranquility, hope and wonder. She gently pulls us into her paintings, stimulating our personal memories of magical places. She invites us to join her in her journey, to share the moment, feel the breeze on your face, the sun on your shoulders, the smell of the land and imagine what fascinating vistas will greet us just around the corner.

Ginger suggests that painting water creates her biggest challenge and her greatest sense of satisfaction. “Water is all about science and our emotional response to this fascinating giver of life” says Ginger. Looking at the number of successful paintings of water she has produced, one concludes that she rises to the challenge.

During high school Ginger became seriously interested in the Impressionist Movement and diligently studied many of those painters and others loosely associated with the movement. Then, in college, where Abstract Expressionism was the rule of the day, she became discontented and questioned her interest in art. Many interesting adventures, moves and career paths later, she found traditional, representational art once again being presented by very skilled contemporary artists and she began to paint seriously once again. In 1990, her husband offered her the opportunity to stop working in business, suggesting instead that she finally pursue her love of painting.

Ginger currently works exclusively in oil, though she is accomplished in pastel, watercolor, graphite and pen and ink. She is a Signature Member of PaintAmerica and the Pastel Society of Colorado; a Juried Associate Member of the Oil Painters of America, Women Artists of the West, American Impressionist Society and the Pastel Society of America. Her paintings have been selected for editorials in Southwest Art, American Art Collector, Western Art Collector, Wildlife Art, International Artist and 2007 Best of American Pastel Artists and Artisans.

She has been invited to participate in the Representing the West, South Eastern Wildlife Exhibition, Art for the Sangres, Mt Oyster Club Art Show and Sale, Mary Williams Quick Draw, Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction, Panhandle – Plains Museum Show and the Colorado Governor’s Show among others. Ginger is a Signature Member of WAOW (Master), PSA and PAA. Her paintings have been juried into major national shows including Salon International, American Impressionist Society, Oil Painter of America, Paint the Parks, PaintAmerica, Women Artists of the West and Arts for the Parks. Ginger’s paintings hang in private and corporate collections worldwide. She is represented by Arts at Denver, Denver, Colorado.


Salon International 2010 Jurors Award - Finalist – RayMar Art Contest 2009


"This exquisite graceful composition invited me inside to rest and linger. Wade in the Water is sensitively painted and shows off the artist’s understanding of the integrity of the natural forms. We all know art can affect us…well, within seconds a sense of calm wafted over me. Perhaps the artist might distribute prints to stress management centers! The sleepy stream fills nearly half the canvas; however, underlying the overall tranquility each area of the painting is imaginatively rendered. And at first glance appearing photographic, the scene is actually composed of impressionistic abstractions. Some favorite resting spots are the rust colored rocks beneath the clear waters, the horizontal blue stream streaks guiding me to the sky reflections and then upward to the sky holes in the trees. Gorgeous!" Juror Cathy Dietrich

Artist statement

“Chronicling the landscape for future generations has never been my intention. I want to convince you, through my paintings, to protect this wonderful place forever. I will paint our awesome land for you to enjoy, but we are all responsible for its care and preservation.

I paint from and with a sense of meditation, hope and sincerity. I paint to give you pleasure. If your memories are refreshed and you choose to join me on a journey into my paintings, then I have succeeded in my goal.”


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