Theresa Conklin

Growing up in a large family in Denver, Colorado, Theresa used drawing as a way to express her thoughts and feelings and to create small imaginative stories for the enjoyment of her family.  As an introvert, Theresa would observe the social interactions of others which led to her fascination of human nature and substance for creating art stories.

After putting an art career on hold, Theresa and her husband moved to a tiny town on the eastern plains of Colorado to raise their daughters. Theresa felt that living in a small town was a microcosm of the world at large and all the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly were shown as though under a microscope. Knowing that she wanted to explore the many facets and complexities of human nature through art, Theresa honed her skills by taking art classes at the local community college and the Art Students League of Denver.

Recently, Theresa has been challenging herself to use her skills to examine and express the drama, the beauty and the mystery of the human pysche in and through the vehicle of painting. Her newest paintings combine the ordinary with curious matter to convey a story highlighting certain aspects and challenges of the human experience.


It is her joy and struggle to portray a glimpse into the complexities of being human and hopes that her work will touch viewers in a personal and profound way.


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