...Guest Artist 2017

In recent years Theresa has been attending the Art Students League of Denver, learning and working specifically in oils.

While trying her hand at all subjects, Theresa is enamored and intrigued by the beauty and mystery of the human subject.


It is her joy and struggle to portray a glimpse into the complexities of being human and hopes that her work

will touch viewers in a personal and profound way.

Rose Colored Glasses

16 x 20" oil, framed

$ 985

This painting is an inquiry into what makes a person optimistic and hopeful amidst possible dangers and threats. I’ve always marveled at people who are able to immediately see the silver lining in a cloud and have wondered what would it take for a pessimist, or realist, to move in the direction of optimism.


Theresa's contribution to our Tree of Christmas Trees
"Holiday Hare" 8x10 $ 350


Be Longing

18 x 24 " oil, framed

$ 1350


While sitting in my yard sketching a family of squirrels playing and schoolchildren heading home from school, I began pondering the importance of having a sense of belonging to a group or to another and the manner in which one may set out to acquire that. Observing young and older people who put on attitudes and objects that may not be a true representation of themselves to fit “in” while others seem to be comfortable in their own skin and forge a path of their own making.


16 x 25" oil, framed

$ 1235


This painting was inspired while I was waiting for an Amtrak train to pass by in my small town and I wondered where the people on board were traveling to or from and how exciting their lives must be experiencing new places, people, things, different modes of transportation and how others who never leave their place of origin are able to imagine and live vicariously through these intrepid sojourners.


18 x 24 " oil, framed

$ 1350