"Dreaming in French, Dreaming of Love"
Opening & Artist Reception: Friday, February 10th 5 - 8 pm

Visiting Artists Michelle Torrez, Desmond O'Hagan,
Nancy Haley & Carole Buschmann


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Works may be pre-sold before the show and taken home any time after 2/10.


Teresa Vito "Peek A Boo, Bordeaux"


Teresa Vito "Around the Corner, Bordeaux"

Margaretta Caesar "Bonjour Paris!"

Jean Shom "Toujours l'Etoile"

Mike Natale "Brittany Dreaming"

Mike Natale "Looking at the World Together"


Brenda Hendrix "French Geese"

Coullioure France Bots oil painting

Visiting Artist Nancy Haley "Coullioure"
30 x 40" oil, framed - $ 4200

Visiting Artist Desmond O'Hagan
"Blue Reflections, Paris "
12 x 16 " oil, framed - $ 2500

Visiting Artist Desmond O'Hagan
"Pont Neuf , Paris "
12 x 16 " oil, framed - $ 2500

Visiting Artist Michelle Torrez
"Tango Flight "
12 x 12" oil, framed - $ 1500

Nancy Haley "Outdoor Market, Sarlat, France"
18 x 24" oil, framed - $ 1700

couple FRance oil painting

Nancy Haley "You and Me" (France)
12 x 16" oil, framed - $ 900


Brenda Hendrix "Fleurs de Paris "

Brenda Hendrix "Flirting"

JuLee Simmons "Girl in Repose"

JuLee Simmons "The Wedding Dance"

JuLee Simmons "Les Mignonettes"

JuLee Simmons "The Shy One"

Lani Vlaanderen "French Blue"

Lani Vlaanderen "In My French Garden"

Visiting Artist Carole Buschmann "Sailing the Grand Bassin"
20 x 26", framed pastel - $ 1150

Carole Buschmann
"Do You Remember that Bistro near L'Opera? "
16 x 20", framed pastel - $ 825

Carole Buschmann
"Promenade through the Place Colette "
12 x 16 ", framed pastel - $ 535

Lindsey Bittner-Graham "All Ears"

Jody Rigsby "Deux Amis"

Jody Rigsby "Plumes de Nouveau"

Michael Clark "Afternoon on the Seine"

Michael Clark "A Romantic Celebration"

JuLee Simmons "Le Sevigne"

Jean Shom "L'Amour d"Orsay"

Arleta Pech "Waiting for Cherries"


We are showing almost 100 new paintings in this show so be sure to visit your favorite artists' pages!
Or better yet, come on by the Gallery!

Sheri Farabaugh "Quince on French Quilt"

Sheri Farabaugh "Billy's' Bordeaux"

Ginger Whellock "Spring Market, Provence"

Ginger Whellock "Paris, Heart and Soul"

Sarah Lewis "Bonjour Mademoiselle"

oiol painting Paris FRance flower market

Mimi DeOlloqui "Milly La Foret"

Arleta Pech "Dew Drop Rose"


Carol Jenkins "Trimmed in Pink"


Janet Anderson "Paris Flower Shop"

Janet Anderson "Where Poppies Blow"

Janet Anderson "Corner Cafe"

Jody Rigsby "Violet"

Brenda Hendrix "Friends & Lovers"

Visiting Artist Nancy Haley "Built For Two"
10x10, framed - $ 600

Arleta Pech "Scent of Paris"

SusieHyer "If Only Wishes Came True"

Will Spear "Les Americains at the Louvre"

Will Spear "Sunday Afternoon"

Teresa Vito "Saint Emilion"

Teresa Vito "Marche de Fruits"

Jean Shom "Ah, Provence!"

Valerie Amon "Touching Up"

Margaretta Caesar "Intimate on Ile St Louis"

Lindsey Bittner Graham "Tu es Mignon "

Beverly Endsley "Nouveau Chevre Bebe"

Beverly Endsley "Strolling in St Germain-des-Pres"


Mary Dunn "Aix Market Day"

Mikael Olson "Vintage Paris"

Mikael Olson "Ogden Apartment", perhaps the most poignant.
"All by Myself... Dreaming of Love"

E. Melinda Morrison "All Legs, Dreaming of Swans"

E. Melinda Morrison "The Conductor"

This gorgeous painting has nothing to do with either France or Valentines Day, but maybe alot to do with someone's dreams, a place where it's still and beautiful and peaceful. By Carol Jenkins.


This show was inspired by my trip to Paris this past fall. Some of the pieces were painted from my photos!

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